New Year’s Retreat 2019/20

In these challenging times, have you ever felt disconnected from yourself, others, and/or your deeper purpose?

Then we invite you to come join us in a special loving community to bring in the New Year. We have designed the retreat, to help us identify and work with the obstacles and resistance we may have to deeper connection with ourselves, with each other, and with spirit. 

Through an intense yet playful program of dance, yoga, meditation, live music, body awareness, self-care, and sharing, we will explore those patterns keeping us from living our full, unashamed truth on this planet. 

The team, with their years of experience in the healing arts, will present a variety of practical tools and exercises for exploring a deeper inner connection to begin to unlock our essential purpose and meaning. 

The setting for this beautiful process will be at Gut Merteshof, a peaceful countryside retreat center in Kersch not far from Trier.

Come bring in the New Year with a transformative celebration with like-minded seekers of joy, truth, laughter, and love.

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  • Dance & Movement (Circular Dances, Trance Dance, Free-Intuitive Dance) 
  • Kundalini Yoga with Live Music 
  • Body Awareness Exercises and Self-massage
  • Mantra Chanting with Live Music
  • Meditation (Active Meditations, Silence and Visualisations) 
  • Sound Journey
  • Mindfulness Exercises
  • Self-managed Hypnosis
  • Nature Walks 
  • Non-sexual Tantric Connection Activities
  • Discussions, Presentations, and Sharing
  • Cacao Ceremony
  • … and some other surprises to bring in the New Year! 



The retreat will be held in english.



From December 29th to January 1st. 

  • We will start December 29th, 2019. at 16:00h
  • We will close and say goodbye January 1st, 2020 at 13:00h 

Three full days to connect, play, discover, and Celebrate Life! 



Option 1 – Dormitory: Up to 10 participants will share a conference room space with mattresses on the floor. There is one shared shower and three shared toilets with access to another bathroom in another home.

Option 2 – Apartment (double occupancy): up to 4 people will share two rooms. One room with 1 bed and one sleeping couch. One room with 2 mattresses on the floor. There is a shared bathroom attached.



Option 1 – Large dormitory: 450€  (up to 10 people) – Just 10 places available 

Option 2 – Apartment: 510€  (double occupancy) – Just 4 places available 

In total we can host 14 participants maximum.



  • All meals, drink (water + tea), and snacks from dinner December 29th to Brunch January 1st. 
    • All food we serve will be organic, vegan and gluten free. Prepared with love by our chef. 
    • We will have a special dinner for New Year’s Eve! 
  • Accommodation in the option of your choice. 
  • Bedsheets, blanket, pillow and towels are provided in Option 2 – Apartment. 
  • All the activities listed in the ‘What we offer section’. 
  • Lots of fun, love and good energy to bring in the New Year!

The Team:


Jan is an alternative practitioner of psychotherapy (Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie), life coach, musician, and experienced seminar facilitator, trained in different techniques such as Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Rebirthing.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, he traveled to Brazil and India to connect with his true purpose in life. During that time, he realized that his mission is to open up safe spaces for others so that they can connect more deeply with their heart and strengthen their  own healing source within.


Kelly currently works as an Intuitive Bodyworker. He bases his approach on a combination of techniques and traditions that address physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual levels: Chi Nei Tsang, Karsei Nei Tsang, Thai Massage, Ayurvedic Body Rebalancing, Tantric Massage Therapy, Reflexology, and Reiki. He also draws on his experience as a former Hatha and Kundalini yoga teacher and Aura Reader.

During a session, he is able to sense people’s stories, accessing and releasing frozen experiences, emotional blockages, and past trauma that are keeping them stuck in destructive patterns and suffering. By going to the roots of old pain and fears and bringing them to the conscious light, he teaches people how they can ultimately heal and transform those dynamics which are preventing them from living healthier, happier, more connected lives.



Willka Chaki is an intuitive music artist using sounds and silence to guide people to the depths of their soul. His experience and sacred knowledge gained in his travels in Peru and India are energetically infused in his creations.

With his instruments like the didgeridoo, drum, shruti, monochord, singing bowls and voice he is creating soundscapes that connect you with ancient memories and feelings of warmth, wholeness and home that lie in our deepest self. Remembering who you are beyond words and definitions. Activating and exploring parts that one can access through altered states of consciousness.

A journey held with vibrations of peace, love, belonging, vulnerability and sensitivity. Reconnecting and dropping into the fundamental essence of our being, guided by smooth and raw sounds, and the ancient arts of sound healing.


Viola studied psychology and is on the way to becoming a psychotherapist. Together with her husband Jan, she offers different events (e.g. singing circles, cacao ceremonies or trance dance) to invite people to get in contact with their inner light and true being. 

The retreat center: Gut Merteshof


I sign up for the Retreat. I accept that I need to transfer the registration fee of 250€ to complete my registration (you will get further information by email).
Option 1 (dormitory): maximum 10 People. Bedsheets, blanket, pillow and towels are NOT provided. Option 2 (apartment): bedsheets, blanket, pillow and towels are provided.
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